Still the most obvious yet most elusive entity on a large scale in Energy Deregulation.  The enigma of Aggregation which should be in the forefront of leverage within the era of the Deregulation industry ironically remains stagnant in execution.  Through no fault other than lack of knowledge and organization.

Would a customer prefer their energy rate to be based on 50,000 kWh a year or 5 million kWh a year?  Would a Broker prefer to negotiate on behalf 5 million kWh of his client’s combined consumption or compete one by one to retain their customers based on their individual usage?

Data acquisition and powerful energy database analytics can help create and capture new economic value and scale the potential if you have aggregation as an option.   The leverage pivots both directions, negotiating strength for pricing and customer retention through superior service and pricing.

Energy Choice Services feeling aggregation should be the wave of the future, designed the ECS Platform AI to continually in the background analyze and coordinate all data components of customers consumption, term length and service areas.   Real time synchronization and compiled results become available any time you want to “check in” or set marker points when you want to be alerted, ie (end dates, combined usage amount, market trend)




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