Having the Best of Both Worlds

Energy Choice Services has relied solely on a transparent, result-driven approach in assisting customers – large or small –  secure pricing for their energy accounts whether it be natural gas or electricity.

Our analyst specifically recruited, consist of some of the most innovative minds in the industry that all have prior history working in the pricing departments directly for Suppliers around the nation, compiling over 25 years of experience.

Though we are a technology-based organization, we still have our analyst available to price accounts if that is your interest in working with us.

We help customers leverage their energy usage demand to find the most effective purchasing energy strategies for their business.

We assist commercial clients with evaluating and obtaining the most cost effective electrical and gas plans for their business enterprise.

We provide direct access for customers to connect with the best and most reputable energy suppliers making energy purchasing simplified, competitive and value-based.

No matter how large or small, fixed rate or exotic index pricing models it is accomplished.

This has been the key to building and nurturing our business relationships. We proudly serve clients in every energy deregulated state.

We openly challenge any pricing and its resources against the results from the ECS Pricing Platform. Request your Quote TODAY – No Cost, No Obligation and compare.