Access to all deregulated states for electric and natural gas is available for pricing with the ECS Platfrom

Being able to conduct business in all deregulated markets is imperative more for “options” then volume.

While the public needs access to Energy Choice Services from all service areas that are deregulated for pricing, industry professionals need the ability to strategize and maneuver without any limitations.

Through the ECS Platform you have the ability to work in all deregulated territories which keeps all options available.



Utilities current “Price to compare” information available in real time from all reaches of the deregulated states. 

Business owners need the ability to control cost.  Taking advantage of being in a deregulated territory with your utility should have never been “sold” to you as how much “savings” your getting.  Instead, and accurately its in your best interest to use fixed wholesale pricing to control how much your spending on electric.

A vital resource to have knowledge of is your current utilities “Price to compare” or “Standard offer service” rate – or what we refer to as the default rate.  When reviewing quotes from wholesale suppliers you then have an accurate base line for comparison.


For the industry professionals to gain and more importantly retain their customers, how knowledgeable your are of the previous, current, and in some cases future conditions of the market your in is what it always comes back to.

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