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Energy Choice Services has helped thousands of businesses nationwide lower their energy cost. Our new transparent platform connects you to all options currently available through your state from the comfort of your office.

Our database cross-references your annual energy consumption against all available options licensed by your utility. Our goal is to make sure every customer is granted equal opportunity in finding the lowest cost allowed for their energy.

Proven effective; no matter the business’ size. Our result-driven approach guarantees you are left feeling confident with the absolute minimum cost available, every term, for the lifetime of your account. We are “The Chosen Platform for Everything Energy Choice.”


California has completed the transition to a competitive Natural Gas market. The process began in 1991. As a result, California Natural Gas consumers have benefited from contracting with a third party supplier. The California Natural Gas market currently operates as other commodity exchanges do.

Finally, California residents can shop for Natural Gas the same way they shop for anything they consume — by comparing prices.

Customers who choose to purchase Natural Gas through another provider receive a single bill that includes charges from the provider as their Natural Gas Company for delivery. They are responsible for maintaining the transmission lines and are still the company customers will call for local service.

A recent survey by the Energy and Environment Marketing Agency found that most people aren’t aware that they have a choice of Natural Gas providers despite the fact that the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) voted in December 1995 to open the state’s Natural Gas Markets.



The Generation of Electricity and Gas begins in a power plant or by procuring natural gas from underground extraction operations.

The fuel to generate the power varies. They may use coal, natural gas, hydro, nuclear or other green alternative sources.

The Power Companies then market the electricity and gas at a competitive rate on the open market to Suppliers.


The Transmission of the energy moves through high-voltage power lines or gas pipe lines which transports the energy to switching stations or depots.

This infrastructure or grid is designed to transmit extremely high voltage electricity or volume quantities of gas many miles from state to state.

The energy is available at this time to Suppliers who competitively price the electricity and gas for Consumer delivery.


Delivery to the end user starts at the switching stations or depots.

The Delivery of the energy is switched to lower voltage power lines or lower volume gas lines to reach each Consumer delivery location.

Your local Utility Company owns the infrastructure that delivers the energy to you. They are required and responsible for the delivery and service of supply, regardless of what Supplier you choose.

Each Energy Supplier offers their own Consumer Energy Rates and Packages.

ENERGY CHOICE SERVICES will provide you with the best Energy Rates & Packages to compare so you can start saving on your energy bills.

How to report a Natural Gas emergency

Should you need to report a natural gas emergency, please contact your local supplier at the phone numbers listed below .

Natural Gas:



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