Vetting Suppliers

Retail energy providers for deregulation in the US totals in the hundreds with the majority of business done through a relatively small percentage by comparison.  Whether its result of buying strength, a lucrative marketing budget or customer familiarity there is no denying the trend.

The ECS Platform being made available to the business and public sectors must consider what’s in the best interest for both when it comes to which providers are to be made available in the Platform for energy and natural gas procurement.

Stability – Buy outs, takeovers and bankruptcy do happen and its never a smooth transition or “clean” process when a book of business must be alerted with news of an uncertain immediate future of what their paying for their electric and who’s supplying it, which were both guaranteed previous.

Buying Strength – For customers, sometimes brand does not matter as much as price.

Flexibility – Different priorities and importance are subject to perspective in the structure or language of a contract, which could mean the difference between doing or not doing business with a potential client.  Accepting business that others may not to get it done.

Turnaround Times – No matter how large or small a customer is, credibility and reliability can not be compromised from waiting on a third party.  Your only as good as your smallest customers satisfaction not the largest.

Product Line –  Exotic pricing models and structures sometimes it what it takes.  Outside of multiple variations for fixed term lengths, “anything” should be possible in achieving a new client whether it be the source of the energy or design of the agreement.

Payment Schedules –  Most suppliers advance upfront payment for first year of term with residual balance. Future starts receive upfront payment upon confirmation of contract.

Billing practices Dual billing generally does not go over well for customers, and supplier billing direct with utility charges only is welcomed if packaged with superior pricing and contract structure.  Most customers want everything to remain the exact same as they’ve always known in regard to billing.

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