California Deregulation History


Energy Deregulation gives citizens in California the power to choose their supplier.

Prior to the late 1980’s, California’s regulated utilities provided virtually all Natural Gas services to Natural Gas customers. Since then, the CPUC has gradually restructured the Natural Gas industry in order to give customers more options while assuring regulatory protections for those customers that wish to continue receiving services. The option to purchase Natural Gas from independent suppliers is one of the results of this restructuring process.


With competition, Natural Gas suppliers sell Gas commodities to you and provide functions such as customer service, pricing structure, and billing options. These companies purchase Natural Gas from competing providers and then is delivered to your home or business.

Natural Gas Providers compete for your business by offering lower prices and added customer service benefits or other incentives. With Natural Gas deregulation in California, you now have the ability to choose the Provider that best fits your needs.

No matter which supplier provides your service, the Public Utility Commission continues to enforce customer protections and regulate the delivery to ensure it is delivered safely and reliably.

Deregulation gives consumers the option and the “power to choose” their provider in deregulated markets as permitted by the state public utilities governing body.