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Will provide you security, vigilance and structured organization with alerts and reminders keeping you well informed

The compiled data will show that energy usage accounts for approximately 1/3, if not more of your commercial property’s operational budget.  While this should put it at a high priority of evaluation,  most almost have a “helpless” if not “conceding” notion of learned behavior that -there’s not a lot that you can do or control except how much electric is being used.

Ironically, if understood energy cost management can have the biggest return on efficiency and cost for property managers.  There are many, many resources to chose from – a whole industry of competitors, technologies and platforms all vying for position to assist you.

Why it can be a daunting task to fully understand all the dynamics of energy analytics, markets, and strategies.  It does not have to be as convoluted or “over exaggerated” and at times “menacing” as portrayed to create confusion or uncertainty to generate business by industry professionals.

You can have direct access to the same technology that is being used by the industry at the heart of their operations.  Energy Choice Services believes in giving the power back to the one who’s generating the business itself, you.

Our technical staff are on duty to help customers navigate the platform if needed, however its user-friendly design is for a reason.  You’re not as helpless as you think, you can benefit much more by allowing the customizable ECS Platform technology be your watchdog and administrator for your energy needs while you concentrate on managing your properties.

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